B6 Systems specializes in developing state of the art Web Applications using Java Enterprise Edition platform (J2EE) and JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology.  In addition to these industry standards, we have developed an in-house JSF framework, called PureFaces, which enables us to drastically cut our development time while improving quality and simplifying maintenance.  These and other open technologies allow us to leverage a variety of industry toolkits within our system architecture.

We have extensive expertise interfacing our technologies to both open and proprietary systems.  Whether it is to a Database Management System such as Oracle and MySQL, to Web Services such as SOAP, or to an in-house custom system, B6 has the experience to deliver the solution you need.

Other technologies / areas of expertise include:

  • Spring Framework: Spring ensures efficient transaction management of all processing within the system.
  • Hibernate: Hibernate allows us to maintain a consistent object model, regardless of the physical data model or specific Data Base Management System.  Hibernate also enables us to leverage the use of our object model to easily interface to corporate ERP or legacy systems.
  • Apache Tomcat: Tomcat has been developed to ensure deployment to the wide variety of today's application server(s).
  • Web Development: We support all of the latest web technologies to ensure your web application works correctly, including CSS, javascript, AJAX, etc.
  • Java PureFaces: We have created our own JSF framework. Get more information on Java PureFaces on the blog or download the source code and sample application here!