Java PureFaces

Java PureFaces is the Web Development extension for JSF, developed here at B6 Systems, that we use in our web applications.  View the demo live here!

PureFaces uses the JSF framework to create an API that allows developers to create web applications from pure java code, without creating multiple static JSP templates. This is done by using Java PureFaces GUI components. The Java PureFaces components allow for object oriented design so the developer can extend and encapsulate them.

Download the guessNumber template application (called pureFacesTemplate) below to see for yourself.   This application is the same as the JSF guessNumber application, but uses Java PureFaces. Compare the two implementations and you will quickly see the Java PureFaces advantage!

PureFaces jar and source files

Download pureFaces-1.0.0.jar


Download pureFaces-1.0.0-project.tar.gz

Download pureFaces-1.0.0-project.tar.bz2

A PureFaces template web application with the source


Download pureFacesTemplate-project.tar.gz

Download pureFacesTemplate-project.tar.bz2

A PureFaces component demo with source -- or view the demo live!


Download pureFacesComponents-project.tar.gz

Download pureFacesComponents-project.tar.bz2

Get more information on Java PureFaces on the blog!

For any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us! Ariel Raz or Matt Pickell