developing software solutions

what's going on?

what we do

B6 Systems designs, engineers, and implements software solutions to support our customer's business needs. Whether it is a new, fully customized application, a smaller system to automate expensive repetitive tasks, or offering self-service to your customers and/or employees, we have the expertise to assist your business. Give us a call if your business is looking for a way to use technology to get an edge up on the competition.

Our goal is to help our clients leverage the newest techniques and technology to solve their most important and pressing business challenges. We specialize in software solutions using the latest open-source technologies.

why us?

We’re a flexible and highly skilled application software engineering firm located in the Pittsburgh area. Our hands-on commitment to personal service enhances our ability to provide high quality products, short time to market, and outstanding customer support.  

We are an experienced and innovative team who work meticulously to insure your success. To insure on-time delivery of high-quality software, we use Agile development methodologies and object oriented, test-driven design concepts combined with flexible data-driven implementation techniques.

Our staff consists of highly motivated and dedicated software engineers.  They enjoy what they do, and it will show in your success.