Do you have a choice?

by Ariel Raz for JavaPureFaces

Why are java developers using JSP/XML static-template web frameworks to develop their GUI? Is it really the best API for it?
The reason I have heard is that it allows non-programmers to design and build the GUI, and then have the developer plug into it the code. This is a nice theory, but I haven’t seen it happen this way. I have always had to write both the JSP pages and the java code myself. Many times I did get the GUI “look and feel” from a graphical designer in an HTML format, but that was it.
I cannot see how letting a non-programmer write the JSP/XML is a good way to develop web applications because it requires an enormous, inefficient amount of communication between the GUI designer and the java developer, and it creates a maintenance nightmare.
I think java developers are using JSP/XML static templates because there is currently no better java API to create the web GUI. Am I wrong? If there was a good object oriented java API, would developers still be using JSP/XML static-template web frameworks?

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