Demo Java PureFaces

by Matt Pickell for JavaPureFaces

Demo it for yourself!

Let’s take a quick walk through Java PureFaces by implementing the JSF guessing number game.
Built in the  Java PureFaces framework, it takes only two classes:

  • GuessNumber — will know how to create a random number to guess and will check it the user number matches the guessing number.
  • GuessNumberView — is responsible to create the GUI and response to the button clicks.

Notice that the code to create the simple GUI, as well as the code that handles the button clicks, is cleanly packaged together.  Very simple!  Compare this to the JSF Version.

Download the demo now! (RAR), (ZIP), (TGZ)

Also, check out the demo applications on the Solutions page.  Both of these major applications were created using  Java PureFaces!

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