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B6 Systems is a software engineering firm headquartered in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area.

While providing state-of-the-art information technology solutions to our clients, B6 Systems staff has been at the cutting edge of software engineering for over two decades.  From 4GL programming in the late 1980's, through the knowledge engineering/Expert Systems era, into windows based GUI programming, and most recently open source JAVA based technologies.  

B6 Systems has developed an open source java development architecture which enables us to apply our Agile methodologies to quickly bring software solutions to market.  Our vast domain and software engineering expertise enables us to work closely with our customers to understand and automate complex business processes. 

We strive to seek and employ knowledgable, passionate, highly skilled professionals who will continue to broaden our domain and technical expertise.

At B6 Systems customer support comes first.  As our customer, let us assure you that our professionals will work diligently to anticipate your needs, exceed your expectations, and insure your organization's success.

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